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6 Hidden WhatsApp Tricks That Every User Needs To Know

There are no certification courses for WhatsApp, but mastering the app can help you save bandwidth, get a proper nights sleep, and keep a curb on stalkers.
If you’re a seasoned WhatsApp user, you probably know how to share contacts, photos, videos, audio, and your personal location. You probably know how to get WhatsApp on your PC as well, or do voice calls. Here are some hidden features in WhatsApp that will let you use it like a boss.
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    Archive chats
    This feature lets you hide a conversation from your chat tab, and access it later, if needed. To do so, long press on a chat you wish to hide, and select Archive chat. You can also choose to archive all chats by tapping on Chat Settings, Archive All Chats. Using this feature doesn’t delete or back up the chat on your SD card.
  • 2
    Mute group chats
    Group chats can get a bit too noisy at times, if you would like to turn off notifications, tap the Menu button, and hit Mute, and choose the timeframe for which you would like the group to be muted.
  • 3
    Hide your Last Seen time
    By default, WhatsApp broadcasts your the last time you checked the app and provides a read receipt in the form of two blue ticks when the message is read by you. To disable this feature, head to Settings > Account > Privacy, and tap on Last seen, and change the option to Nobody. Turning this feature off works both ways, you won’t be able to see the Last seen details of other users as well.
  • 4
    Add a shortcut to a group or chat to your home screen
    A long-press on the a group or chat menu presents you with the option of adding a shortcut on your home screen. If you are a Cyanogen OS user, you can drag app icons into a password protected folder for added privacy.
  • 5
    Save bandwidth by disabling media from auto-downloading
    WhatsApp lets you specify when you want images, audio and video should be auto-downloaded on your phone. It’s available in Settings > Chat settings > Media auto-download, and lets you specify these options when on mobile data, Wi-Fi, and roaming.
  • 6
    Find out when a message was read
    Everyone knows that two blue ticks is a read notification, but did you know you can long press on the sent message, and tap on the (i) icon to see exactly when a message was read.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note Edge 2 features leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note Edge 2 features leaked

NEW DELHI: Samsung may be months from launching the Galaxy Note 5 and second-generation Note Edge phablets, but rumours about the two have already started surfacing.

The successor of Galaxy Note Edge is being developed under the code name Project Zen; unlike the original Galaxy Note Edge, it will not be just a Note 5 with a curved screen on the side. 

According to a SamMobile report, Samsung Galaxy Note 5's Super AMOLED display will either have 2K or 4K resolution; if Samsung indeed uses 4K resolution, Galaxy Note 5 will likely be the first smartphone in the world to offer such high pixel density.

The report also says that Galaxy Note 5 will be powered by Samsung's upcoming Exynos 7422 chipset, which is expected to integrate CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and modem on the same chip.

The successor of Galaxy Note Edge is being developed under the code name Project Zen; unlike the original Galaxy Note Edge, it will not be just a Note 5 with a curved screen on the side.

Instead, Samsung is giving the smartphone a different set of features compared to its next flagship phablet.

The first thing to note is that Samsung is going for a smaller screen size on the next-generation Note Edge compared to last year's model. SamMobile reported that the smartphone's screen will measure 5.4- or 5.5-inch and have curves on both edges, similar to the ones on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Since this phablet is part of the Note series, it will come with an S Pen too.

Additionally, the chipset of the phablet will not be as high end as Note 5's; the handset is likely to be powered by a Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 processor and come with only 16GB of internal storage. On the imaging side, Samsung is said to be using a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie camera on the Galaxy Note Edge 2.

Motorola is expected to launch Moto E for below Rs.10,000

Note that Moto E has not been unveiled officially by Motorola yet. However, in the past there have been many leaked reports about Moto E as per which it will come with a 4.3 inch touchscreen with 540x960 pixels resolution. Furthermore, it is said to have Android KitKat operating system, a dual core processor, and 1 GB RAM.

Unlike Moto G, the Moto E is expected to have a 32 GB micro SD card slot besides its 4 GB internal storage. 

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Besides, it may have a 5 megapixel rear camera and a VGA front camera. It is said to have a 1900 mAh battery and will come with standard Android connectivity options including WiFi, Bluetooth, micro USB port and GPS for navigation. Besides, it may have dual SIM slot of which atleast one should support 3G network.

Though Moto E is not known to have water or dust resistant capability, Motorola's invite ( which says made to last) do point at such feature. More from The Mobile Indian

Motorola has announced to launch another smartphone in India on May 13. In a press invite sent to media organisations, the company said that it will launch a smartphone on May 13 which is "Made to last. Priced for all". This has sparked rumours that Motorola will launch its previously leaked Moto E in India for below Rs 10,000.

Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in India

Samsung India has unveiled the flagship smartphone - Galaxy S5 for India at Rs.51,000. Samsung Galaxy S5 is company's first flagship smartphone to feature water resistance capability and fingerprint sensor. Samsung has packed 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display and powered the device with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 mobile chipset. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been given IP67 certification for being dust and water resistant. Samsung has also integrated a fingerprint sensor which can be used by interacting with the new TouchWiz user interface.

Top 5 data cards

Here we have chosen top five data cards based on the basis of their features and price.
VodafoneGone are the days when data cards were only 
meant for accessing the internet. Today they offer many other features like storage slot and WiFi routing. Also, unlike earlier times when only operators used to offer data cards (bundled), today many companies are offering such products at different price points and with many more features. Here we have chosen top five data cards based on the basis of their features and price.

Tata Photon Max WiFi
Tata Photon Max WiFi can create WiFi hotspot and allows five simultaneous connections. It has also a 16 GB micro SD card slot. You can insert it in to an USB port of your PC or laptop or just fix it in a power adapter and insert it in the nearest power plug. We though not sure whether the power adapter comes bundled with it or not. As per the company, the dongle provides upto 6.2 Mbps speed.

ZTE AW3632
ZTE AW3632 is currently available in the market for around Rs 1,800. This 9.5 mm thick data card weighs 30 gram. It looks like an ordinary card but it can be used as a WiFi router.  This 3G data card has download speeds of 14.4 Mbps. Plus there is a 32 GB micro SD card slot in the ZTE AW3632. It comes with USB 2.0, which allows it to connect to a laptop or computer, or to your tablet.

Vodafone K4201
Priced at Rs 999 for postpaid customers, this dongle allows downlink speeds of up to 21.1 Mbps, and uplink speeds of up to 5.76 Mbps. The Vodafone K4201 3G dongle comes with support for major operating systems like Windows 8, Mac, Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu. The Vodafone K4201 3G dongle also comes with a 32 GB micro SD card slot.

HuaweiAccording to Vodafone, this dongle features a dialer with enhanced user support functionality such as web chat, help line number on dash board, online banner for Vodafone offer updates, and troubleshooting guidance for common error codes. The dongle also said to allow users to set data usage limit alerts, and monitor usage.

Huawei E5331
It is available for around Rs 3,500 and allows net access for 8 devices simultaneously. It has a 1500 mAh battery that claims to provide five hours of continuous usage or 250 hours of standby. Huawei E5331 promises 21.6 Mbps download speed and upload of up to 5.76Mbps with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. It has four indicators that shows for network, WiFi status, battery level and messges. There is a on/off button as well for easy control.

Huawei E8131
Currently available for around Rs 2,500, the Huawei E8131 can function both as a data card for a single user, or as a mobile WiFi hotspot which can connect up to five WiFi-enabled devices. It comes with Type3i technology, which according to Huawei, provides up to 20 per cent more upload and download speeds compared to non-Type3i devices.

The Huawei E8131 promises 21.6 Mbps download speeds. It has also a 32 GB micro SD card slot.

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