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Method 1

Very simple

Try this: run registry by typing `regedit' after clicking Start button in Windows and then click Run. Then delete this string value:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > FolderLock6 > LastLockerPath

Then boot to Safe mode , hold F8 Key when start PC

Go to My Documents and search for a file name locker with extension (*FLK) or (*FLKW) and delete.

Reboot PC in normal mode , run the Folder lock program and click trial, then enter new password/confirm new password,MAKE SURE TO REMEMBER, I use 123456 for easy one

Then go to option, and uninstall the program as you wish 

Method 2

Just download any full version copy of folder lock with similar version of the one your using, example Folder lock v5.7.5 or something like that. Then just Install it. Then let it run automatically after the installation. You will be prompt to login using a new folder lock user id and folder lock registration key. You can use this

FolderLock User ID: NewSoft15805

FolderLock Registration Key: 221281703

After you have entered the information above, follow the programs procedures until registration is finish. Start folder lock and when the program ask for the password, use the folder Registration Key stated above.

Now that you have successfully entered the program, you can reconfigure it based on your preferences. Now if you want to uninstall the program which I did, click "options" and select uninstall. The system will require you to reboot your computer after it was uninstalled to remove unwanted folder lock backup files.

This worked for me but I can't guarantee if it will work for all versions. just give it a try if you want to, okay.


Method 3

Yet another option....

Folder Lock can be bypassed by:

1/ locate the folder it is locking
2/ copy the locked folder to another directory
3/ install Folder Lock (again) in the new dir.
4/ set password
5/ open the copy of the original locked folder.

Method 4

 start your computer in safe mode and ACCESS THE ACTUAL FOLDER.... DO NOT RUN THE "FOLDER LOCK" PROGRAM. just navigate through explorer to the folder that you locked and it will open as normal...once in the locked folder copy or cut your files to another location then reboot in normal mode and your files will be in the new location.

i am using windows 7 ultimate and it worked as simple as that...

i don't know how to get rid of the 'folder lock' program itself without the password unless you reformat the hard drive, but at least with this method u will be able to access and move out your files from the locked folder.

once you move your files to another location, the locked folder will be empty and take up the same space as a regular empty folder so it wont be robbing your space..and the folder lock program is very small it wont have any devastating impact on your hard drive space, it can be ignored.

if you used the "vault" or "chest" folder that folder lock provides then i cant help ya there

:) Good luck!



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